Below are some tips on starting and succeeding on your crowdfunding project.


Please register at the registration tab.

  • Click on the Project Form tab to submit the details of your campaign.
  • To create a new crowdfunding campaign, go to “Products -> Add New.”
  • Enter your crowdfunding campaign title and write in details in the post editor.
  • Scroll down and select the product type as “Crowdfunding.” In the General tab, fill in all the relevant details like pledge amount, starting and ending date, funding goal, campaign end method, etc.
  • Go through all the tabs on the left pane and fill in the details you think are applicable to your campaign.
  • Just under the product type field, enter the campaign’s short description. This short description appears right under the main product image.
  • If there are any reviews or campaign updates, you can enter them in the “Reviews” and “Campaign Update Status” fields appearing at the bottom of the page.
  • Finally, set the main product image by clicking on the “Set product image” link appearing under “Product image” section on the right sidebar.
  • Once you are done with everything, click on the “Publish” button
  • That is it. You have your first campaign all set and ready to go.

Make sure to fill out all of the relvant information for your campaign.  there are a few rules to follow, but make sure you explain everything in your project as if you were talking to someone who does not know anything about your campaign.  Be sure to add any media you have .  Videos contribute greatly to the project.  Your success rate doubles with a video.  It doesn’t have to be an Oscar wining performance.  An Iphone or android will make a great infomercial.

Time yourself to get to a 2 or 2 1/2 minute pitch.  any more or less misses the mark.

Make an appealing title.

Be able to describe your campaign.  You need at least 150- 300 words.  That seems to be a lot, but fully explaining your project to potential backers is important.  Give them all the info they need, and tell them how passionate you are!

Also add any images or mock-ups you have.  The more information the better.  Your backers need to know that you are serious about your project.

Starting and ending dates. does not have an all or nothing campaign.  Our campaign model is designed to be as easy as possible to succeed.  Limiting your access to funds does not help.  It is best to set up short goals with specific dates.  These are great confidence boosters and can really get the ball rolling.  You can extend the project for another round of backer pledges if are seeing more interest in your campaign or project.

Pledge Amounts

Pledge amounts, target goals. and predefined pledges need to be thought out prior to submitting.  Get everything down before launching.  There will be things that you may have forgot, but try to get as much done just before launch.  You will be able to adjust as you go.


A reward option is a good idea to encourage community appeal.  Knowing that a backer will receive something from your hard work, and their hard earned money will promote a sense of trust.  The reward option should be carefully considered for the campaign.  Some projects are going to be a donation type of campaign.  These types of crowdfunding projects would opt out of a reward option.

Social Media

Last but not least, social media is critical to the success of your campaign. Social media and crowdfunding go hand and hand.

Social media is ground zero for building support for your projects.  Social media helps you extend your reach beyond your known network.  Letting people know what your doing is the first step in succeeding with your campaign.  For further information on how to set up a successful crowdfunding campaign, click on this blog post.