Running a successful crowdfunding campaign is more than just setting up a page on a platform.  There is a really good chance that you will never get any backers if you take this approach.  Being involved in creating content, posting on social media, and sending emails will greatly increase your success rate.  If fact, these tasks are a must for success.

Where do I start?, like most other crowdfunding platforms, has built in links to help you share your campaign with friends, family members, and anyone that you feel may be interested.  This network is where you begin to spread your message.  Many people who have a connection to your program may be willing to become a backer.  If you are promoting an idea that someone else has either done or had experience with, this could compel them to back your idea.

Attracting backers

One of the best ways to attract backers is to make them feel secure about your project or cause.  In the digital age. means more than words on a page.  We live in a visual world, and you must be open to a visual campaign.  This is where comes in.  We are the perfect platform to help you get started.  Fundpey is a free platform where you can create all of your visual information to let potential backers know who and what you are offering.  Setting up your own personal landing page and populating it with your still photos, videos, and content lets these backers understand your program.

Making a quality video

The first rule is to make sure that your Iphone or Android device is stable.  A tripod is a must when filming anything.  If you have access to professional video cameras you will still need your video to be stable.  Make sure the lighting is good.  A microphone that clips on your device will be better than a built in microphone on your device.  This will allow for your voice to be picked up from a greater distance.  Write down your story and read it out loud to here what it sounds like.  You must strive to be as professional as possible at all times.  Practice and edit.  That is what will get you the best video.  When it sounds natural you will have it!

Social Media

Social media is one of the most important tools for connecting supporters to a crowdfunding campaign.  Social media gives you the ability to engage your supporters where they are–online. It also gives you the opportunity to create new connections.  So it is absolutely essential to have a social media plan, and a good one.  Engaging individuals and communities online is the quickest and most efficient way of attracting backers to your campaign.


If you are offering a reward to a backer, give them something that is unique.  Usually the reward is a copy of what the campaign founder is making.  Or it could be anything from a character design in the game that the founder is making, to an extra in a movie that is being produced.  It is all up to the owner of the campaign.  But the main take-away is if a reward is offered, deliver.


Lastly, ask for the backers help.  Just explaining your position will not be enough.  People do not mind being asked through an online portal video for donations.  All they have to do is either back your campaign or not.  Be sure to ask for the sale.  Also, ask for your message to be spread to their friends.  Make sure that there is no confusion, and that your backers know exactly what to do.

Get started

The sooner the better.  Crowdfunding campaigns can last for weeks and even months.  Prepare for the long haul.  Make sure to post on a regular basis.  The first few posts will not have as much affect as your most recent.  Keep working daily, and you will see results!