Founder’s Statement

By Robert Lord, Founder/Chief Executive Officer,

Thank you for coming to our website. First, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Robert Lord. I am the founder and CEO of

Fundpey is a free to use crowdfunding platform. We are a limited liability company located in Coppell. Texas.

If you have read some of the information we have posted, we have tried to briefly explain our position and where we fit into the crowdfunding marketplace. Here, I would like to go further in depth and expound on several important points.

First, I want to make clear that operates as a social, fiscal and environmentally minded company. To us at Fundpey it simply means that we want to operate a fiscally sound company in an ethical fashion.

There is an ongoing debate on the profits verses the ethics in many of today’s corporations. The common thread is that a corporation either puts profits first and people last, or vice versa. It seems that the urge to produce results in the profit column far outweigh the need to be socially responsible.

It is clear that it takes money to run a business. However, Fundpey believes in being both fiscally and socially responsible. For us, these values are one in the same.

We depend on each other and are responsible for each other.

There is a moral duty for individuals to contribute to the community in which they live. This moral duty also falls onto corporations. By contributing to their community through donations, and volunteering, socially aware corporations like Fundpey fulfill this responsibility.

Our platform is like many other crowdfunding platforms.

By empowering campaign creators with the opportunity and knowledge to put forward their ideas, Fundpey believes that these social goals can be achieved. We put great faith in society and its desire to be socially progressive.

Thank you for taking the time to read this short post. I hope that you have a better understanding of how we feel about our business. Please feel free to reach out with comments or concerns at [email protected].

If I could leave you with one thought to remember, it would be:

Never underestimate the power of your vision to change your world.

Robert Lord,