Below are some tips to building a successful crowdfunding campaign.


The back story

Make sure that you are able to convey your message to your backers. What is it you are asking money for, how does it work, what benefits will the backers get. In other words tell the backers the story of your campaign or product.
When a backer asks themselves why should I back this project ( and they will ), there must be a solid answer that is a common theme running through your campaign.

Social media

If there were one golden rule in crowdfunding to remember is that social media will drive your campaign. Anyone and everyone that knows you and people that know those people should be a resource for funds for your project.
If you do not have accounts on social media, sigh up now. Facebook, Instagram, Google+ Linkedin, Twitter. These are the must haves. Get the word out early and do not stop reminding possible backers of your campaign.
Creating a unique hashtag for your campaign helps to keep things in order and makes for easy posting. Remind everyone to use this hashtag.
Be sure to review your results and make adjustments on the content. Ask your friends for suggestions about posting. They will give you advise on what you should say and then compare and tweek your posts.

Use video

Make a compelling video. The video is usually the first thing that people will see. It does not have to be an expensive shoot. It just needs to be the real you. People can tell when someone is sincere about a cause or product. Even if a backer is not that interested in supporting the creator(you) they sometimes will because of a convincing video. Backers can tell when someone is passionate about a cause.
Back to an expensive shoot. The video really does need to be of the best quality available. If you have any discretionary funds, throw them into a professional video. If not then use your phone. Phones have good resolution and can make a really good video. Make sure to stabilize the phone. Do not try to hold the phone and talk. This will come off as unprofessional.
The length of the video is very important. Make sure to be between two and four minutes. The shorter the better, but get everything explained. Peoples attention span is about that length.
Tell a story that relates to your campaign. How are you going to fix a problem. Solve an issue or contribute to your personal cause.
Remember, be passionate about your campaign and allow that passion to come through in your video.


Rewards are important to a campaign. The number one rule in rewards is to make sure that you follow through on your promise to the backer. The reward can be anything to show your appreciation for some backing your project. Do not reward a backer with an item that translates to more that you have taken in with the pledge.
Some rewards have a sliding scale. For example, if the backer pledges over X amount of money the reward increases in value. This might be anything of value. From a bit part in the movie that your doing to an actual product that you have produced.

Call to action

Asking for money is difficult for some people. But in a crowdfunding campaign, the “call to action” or the part where you ask people to donate must be bold and upfront. People want to help, but they also want to be asked to contribute. Backers want to know that you really want the funds and appreciate your passion in asking for these funds.
Make several pitches within your post asking for donations. Make the text LARGER than the surrounding text so that it gets noticed. Tell the backer to take the action. EX: click the donate button today!

Press release

Google example of press releases to get an idea about how to format your release. You should have links to your campaign, and quotes that briefly explain what you are doing. Press releases will build trust for your campaign. They are an integral part of the crowdfunding process.