Fundpey.com is a crowdfunding platform that encourages anyone with an idea or campaign to participate. We strive to maintain integrity and honesty in our practices.

Fundpey.com offers a platform for everyone that wants to fulfill their dream.  Large or small, high tech or one-of-a-kind, we offer the opportunity to be successful.  Giving back to the community through empowering the individual is our mission.

Fundpey.com has establish itself as a global corporation that is committed to certain values.  These are giving back to the community, a vested interest in preserving and protecting the environment, and helping to address the social issues of the day.

This means that Fundpey.com is a mission driven corporation, while operating a for profit company, we will also be implementing environmental and social considerations in our daily operations.

Strategic Partners

The company's below have graciously offered their services to help promote the Fundpey.com platform. We are constantly adding stratigic partners and look forward to a continued alliance with these partners. Strategic alliances can develop in outsourcing relationships where the parties desire to achieve long-term win-win benefits and innovation based on mutually desired outcomes. These partners work with our service to provide the means of accomplishing the goals we set at Fundpey.com. They are neither advocating or opposing the values of our platform. We appreciate the opportunity to work with these exceptional company's.